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Sometimes pedestrians do stupid things for a reason

Near the end (or the beginning if I’m going home) of my regular 50-mile commute (by subway, rail and foot), I have to cross a 3 lane road in Providence, RI. The road falls along my walking route from the … Continue reading

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True Life Stories of the Carfree: Leigh and her family of four, West suburbs of Chicago

How is it August already? Our summer has been so filled with fun that we keep getting too distracted to write about. Instead, we’ve got another carfree family for inspiration for us and all of you. Leigh writes below about … Continue reading

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Kids’ walking personalities

Rebecca wrote a great post recently at Green Baby Guide that got me thinking about the impact of kids personalities on walking for transport with small children. Rebecca is a carfree mom with a fantastically unmotivated walker, and she bemoans the constant … Continue reading

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Schools, Choice, and Living Locally

Recently, Nathan and I completed the school lottery process here in Cambridge and found out that H will be attending our top choice of schools, which is also our closest neighborhood school. We are really excited about this for a … Continue reading

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Winter Toddler Transport

Winter, especially the kind of winter we had around here (in January anyway) can pose some problems for the carfree family. It comes with obvious perks, like not having to find parking or dig out a car, but it can be … Continue reading

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Carfree Camping in Provincetown

We recently returned from a delightful trip to Provincetown on Cape Cod with the whole family, including my mom. We went there specifically for Family Week and we had a blast. And we camped. And of course the whole thing … Continue reading

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How I really feel about ipods

A couple months ago, when Angela wrote about courtesy between folks using different modes of transport, a spat broke out in our comments that got me thinking. John writes: I am very much in agreement with your statement that faster … Continue reading

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Walker and biker ed

There’s been a lot of learning going on at our house.  Our kids are working hard on two of the most important ways we transport ourselves in this family: It sure beats waiting until they’re 16! Related posts: How to … Continue reading

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How common is courtesy?

This past weekend, my family took a walk to see the red-tailed hawks nesting in our neighborhood. On the way home, Nathan was yelled at by a fast-moving biker for stopping to say hello to someone. At the time we … Continue reading

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How to raise a walker

At this point, our 3 1/2 y.o. H is a pretty reasonable walker. She walks the 6-ish blocks to and from daycare four days a week and walks the scant mile between our house and Davis Square (where grandma lives) … Continue reading

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