Walker and biker ed

There’s been a lot of learning going on at our house.  Our kids are working hard on two of the most important ways we transport ourselves in this family:

It sure beats waiting until they’re 16!

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Nathan lives in North Cambridge, MA with his wife and two kids, and prefers never to be in cars if he can avoid it. Nathan thinks parenting is way more fun when you don't have to worry about car seats.
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  1. Todd says:

    Nice! I didn’t start cycling for transportation again until our son was about 9 (pretty much when he learned to ride as well) so we missed all the options like xtracycle/trailabike. I recently bought a single-speed tandem for running about town, though, and that’s been fantastic. Both my son and partner, Sage, are relatively new to city cycling and being able to bring them along as the stoker really helped both their confidence levels even when they’re on their own bikes.

    It’s interesting the more I think about it that for many watching one’s parents drive for years is a big part of learning to drive. I don’t know why I didn’t think that watching an experienced cyclist ride would have the same effect. But of course it would. Very cool that you’re able to be that role model from such a young age.

    I, too, love the fact that my son and his friends do not have to wait until they’re 16 for what I think of as ‘transportation equity”. It’s extremely cool to live somewhere where our kids can independently move (once they’re old enough to venture off on their own or in groups) as effectively as we can.

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