5 Of The Best Things To Do With Friends in NYC

You could be a resident of New York City or a visitor. Either way, whether you have been to NYC, you have had things to do with your friends. However, one thing remains certain for sure; you have not had enough of what your credit card could deem worth. The time spent with friends is perceived as worthwhile based on what you did when you were together.

New York City is versed with wealth geared toward having fun that you cannot say you have had it all without giving them a try. Here are some of the five things that you could not have tasted with your friends in New York City that you should explore:


It is considered one of the most interesting and unique way for you and your friends to view the New York. What is notable about the ride is that it gives you an experience where you get to be on stage to see the talented performers from the streets. The custom build tour us is designed to act as the traveling theater that takes the riders for an hour and a quarter ride through the Midtown Manhattan and the Times Square. Through the way are professional host comedians, who will guide you through while giving you interesting and fun context to the historical sites, trivia, karaoke and fun facts.


It sounds more like a rooftop party. There are bars built at the rooftops were people can enjoy their cocktail while enjoying the view of the city from the skyline. You can have the amazing experience of viewing the New York City with friends by buying a $15 cocktail and spend the time with friends in the rooftop bar as you enjoy the cool breeze with the cocktail at hand. You can book the rooftop bar to hold your party like a birthday party with friends.


Friends crown their adventure with playing a game that they are all in favor. For those who love escape room, many are available in the city. However, you need to research and check on the reviews from others to see the games offered in these games. It would be tricky being locked into one that has broken clues or has sketchy designs or one that has pathetic games master. Look for the ones that will have the services that you are looking for. Soonest you get the top on the lists that have the types of games you in favor, have your friends weigh what would interest them.

escape the room game


The place is one of the most iconic places in the world. There are many exciting places in the square. It has some of the best restaurants, shops and amazing lights making it a scenery not to be missed., the Sanrio Store, the NHL Store, the Quicksilver, the Hershey’s Store or the Forever 21. The funky Ruby Foos is the place you and your friends can grab tasty Asian cuisine or Italian delicacies at Becco. You will never have a dull moment at the Times Square as there is so much to do and see.


You choose with your friend what to go for. You can tour the city while in a helicopter, or you can go for tours by sailing or cruising. There are helicopter and boats for hire. The boats are better if I were to say, they are equipped with restaurants and other amazing services.
To make your time in New York City memorable with friends, go for what all of you are in favor. The fun and amazing places are more than the aforementioned. Look for what is your type of fun and go for it. With a good budget for your credit care, there is a lot to do with friends in the city. Trust me; you will enjoy and plan the next trip with friends in the city again.