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On (not) using my body

A recent article in the New Yorker combined with trying to get used to my post-partum body, has gotten me thinking. The article opens with research showing that Americans started gaining weight in the early 80s, after remaining relatively stable … Continue reading

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Making some room

As we’ve blogged about before, we have a small condo and we are soon to be a family of four. With the baby coming in just a couple of weeks, we realized a few days ago that we don’t actually … Continue reading

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Carfree birth. Sort of.

We got a request on our last post for more pregnancy news. In thinking back over the year, it does seem that my primary pregancy-as-it-pertains-to-being-carfree thoughts have to do with whining about not biking, about T delays and bad weather. … Continue reading

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So far, I can’t really say pregnancy + being car-free + toddler + winter is my favorite combination ever. Here’s my bullet point highlights (actually, mostly whines) so far: If we owned a car right now, you’d better believe I … Continue reading

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Earning our plural.

Savvy readers may have been wondering about a few things. Why is the title of our blog plural when we only have one kid? Why hasn’t Dorea been riding her bike? Why did we make a sappy post about walking … Continue reading

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