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Car-Free Grandma

Angela asked an interesting question the other day. “When Grandma (Angela’s mom) moved here from Florida 6 months ago, would it have been better for us (from a purely selfish perspective) if she had kept her car?” Keep in mind, … Continue reading

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Friendship, Cars, and Carfree Families

Josh Hart has done research in the UK on the impact of traffic on community life. His research shows that on streets with heavy traffic, residents have dramatically fewer friends in their neighborhood and their sense of what neighborhood space … Continue reading

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Costs of Car Ownership, Part II

In addition to the costs in time and money, there are other, less quantifiable costs of car ownership. These may be personal costs or costs to society at large. Mental and Emotional Costs The car is one more thing you … Continue reading

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Costs of car ownership, part I

Those of us who go carfree or car-light often do so because of the high costs of car ownership. So I thought it would be a good idea to spend a some time detailing those costs, which look to me … Continue reading

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