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Angela is an associate professor of mathematics and enjoys writing, reading, and talking to people about her bike. She's the proud mother of two cute kids, H and R.

Carfree Roundup

Wandering Gypsies « Roanokecarfreewithkids. Chris describes a great camping trip by bike. A New Hopedale. Marmaduke responds in part to our recent post about suburban friends and the carfree family from the other side of the divide. » Carfree … Continue reading

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When you really need a car

Purists out there will cringe, but I find that sometimes I really need a car. It happens less and less as time goes on because our lives are increasingly integrated with the community within a mile of our home, but … Continue reading

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Carfree Roundup

Here are some posts and findings from around the web that we really enjoyed this week. Imagine No Cars: Thoughts on Alternative Transportation and Urban Design: Why I Went Carfree. Imagine No Cars tells is why he chose to ditch … Continue reading

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Carfree on the Internet

This week I’ve been noticing just how much stuff comes with kids. We picked up a lot from friends used, but I still feel like the stream of stuff pouring into our house is wide and deep. We have gifts … Continue reading

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Container Gardening, My New Hobby

I’ve wanted a good hobby for a long time. Nathan has his knitting, but the only hobby I’ve been able to come up with is reading books. I enjoy it, but it’s pretty lame as hobbies go. A few months … Continue reading

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Making some room

As we’ve blogged about before, we have a small condo and we are soon to be a family of four. With the baby coming in just a couple of weeks, we realized a few days ago that we don’t actually … Continue reading

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Biking with Kids in the Rain

Earlier this week, I was nearing the end of the day, which is the time when I pick up my daughter from daycare on the bike and madly rush home.But it was raining. And the kid and I were completely … Continue reading

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Used Success

A while back I wrote about wanting to purchase more things used. I just wanted to report a major success, which was buying a used portable dishwasher. I found the dishwasher on Craigslist and was able to find someone who … Continue reading

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The evening scramble

Rush from work to daycare and from daycare to home; cook dinner, eat dinner, put child(ren) to bed — do you recognize this scramble? In our house the whole routine starts when I leave work at 5-5:15 (I usually do … Continue reading

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Xtracycle shopping

True confession time: I have no right to be writing this post right now. Between illness and bike problems, it’s been far too long since I’ve done a good shopping trip on a bike. In fact, thanks to the generosity … Continue reading

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