Local Roundup: Somerville Illuminations ride, cargo bike sightings, new local family bike list

  • Last weekend, H & I decked out our bikes in festive lights, put on all the wool socks we could find, and and headed out for the second annual Illuminations Ride put on by the Somerville Arts Council and the Somerville Bicycle Committee. We arrived to a festive gathering of 75-100 brightly lit cyclists, including several other folks with kids (including Brian, who led the ride with his one-year-old snug in the box of his snazzy Bullitt). The ride went for several miles all around Somerville at a leisurely pace, making several stops to take in splendidly decorated houses. H and I didn’t last all that long. Despite all of those socks, the complaints about cold feet were increasing in frequency after a mile or two, and having suffered through a few too many of my father’s “adventures” with miserably cold toes, I decided to quit while we were ahead. She’s already planning on next year, but with more consideration to our footwear. It was absolutely delightful to see so many cyclists willing to brave the cold to ride together. We were also thrilled to see many old and new biking friends, including H & R’s longtime daycare providers. It’s strange to remember that a few years ago I didn’t really feel like part of the biking community around here. That seems impossible now. (Photo Credit for top photo: Andrew G Buck — thanks Andy!)
  • On the topic of biking community, Velouria at Lovely Bicycle has been noticing an uptick in cargo bikes in Cambridge and Somerville. She writes about how the presence of cargo bikes might signal a healthy and growing bike community, giving others confidence to take to the road. I think she’s right, and agree that there are more cargo and kid rigs on the road every day around here. (Thanks also Velouria for including such a pretty picture of our bike!)
  • Speaking of local cargo and kid biking, we recently started an e-mail list for Boston area family bikers. We got great response right out of the gate and now have a nice local group representing a wide range of kids ages, family size, and experience level. We hope this list will be a good resource for organizing rides, comparing notes on riding with kids in the Boston area, and contacting each other for test-rides of hard-to-find bikes. If you live in the greater Boston area and ride with your kids (or want to, but haven’t figured out how to make it work yet), please join us. You can request to join the group here (PLEASE only submit a request if you are local to Boston).

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