Sad to see him go…

We never got around to posting here about our new favorite bike mechanic, Tim Ennis, a.k.a. The Rolling Wrench, Boston’s first and only mobile bike shop, and Tim does it all by bike. You may have seen him out on the Minuteman bike path over the summer or by the Davis square T stop. Tim first worked on our bikes a few months ago, and wow, was it nice not to have to figure out how to get an ailing bike (or bikes) into the shop around work and daycare schedules. And while, yes, I’m perfectly capable of changing a flat, I don’t always have all my stuff with me, and what takes me 45 minutes (especially with the kids “helping”), takes Tim 5. Throw in a fabulous down-to-earth attitude, good advice, and a love for cargo bikes, and I was in bike mechanic heaven.

Only one problem.

Tim is moving to Portland, and I don’t mean Portland Maine.

Seriously. Portland. We need to talk. You have all the most amazing bike shops. You have the Fiets of Parenthood. You have amazing biking infrastructure (by US standards anyway).

And now you are taking our bike mechanic. This has got to stop.

We were honored to be Tim’s last Boston customers today (he made quick work of changing a pesky flat on our Xtra I didn’t feel like dealing with and gave our tandem a tune-up), and we wish him all the best. But Portland, you had better appreciate this guy. He’s awesome.

And Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, please, can someone around here please take over for Tim? R was studying his work closely, and seems to be making progress on basic skills, but I think it’s going to be a couple years before he can completely take over the business.

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Nathan lives in North Cambridge, MA with his wife and two kids, and prefers never to be in cars if he can avoid it. Nathan thinks parenting is way more fun when you don't have to worry about car seats.
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7 Responses to Sad to see him go…

  1. Jesse says:

    I think I might have to go out for a beer to properly mourn the fact that he is leaving…LOVE HIM! I wonder if begging would work?

  2. Brian says:

    A sad day it is.

    I can understand the draw of Portland, OR.
    I would like to know if he had enough business here to stay above water.

    The photo of R pumping is fabulous!

  3. Stacy says:

    Great (and cute) post! Maybe he should make a stop here on the way out west, just to show WV how it’s done. I was having this conversation with two folks this week. How we need a mobile bike service, or at least the LBSs need to offer p/u and delivery.

  4. Dan Pugatch says:

    I never met him, but I saw him on the streets. Years ago I had the idea to do the same thing never did it out of fear of how will I pay rent if no one needs me? Maybe one day I’ll take over the streets.

  5. Alex Dupuy says:

    Wait, this is the guy whose (now officially failed, but it wasn’t really exactly serious anyhow) Kickstarter ( campaign was lambasted in Bike Snob NY ( a few weeks ago?!?

    I’m sorry for your loss – it certainly sounds like a great service to have, and we in Troy, NY are more than familiar with losing small businesses for any number of reasons, so I can certainly sympathize. However, if it is any comfort to you to drink the fizzy wine the Bike Snob makes of your sour grapes, you might try it – but beware: excessive consumption of BSNY can lead to permanent cynicism, uncontrollable laughter, moral outrage, and/or blindness.

    p.s. there were other Bike Snob postings with follow-up if you desire even more bitter yet amusing snarkiness on the subject of your loss:

    • Dorea says:

      Ah yes, Alex, it is indeed the same guy.

      Bike snobbery notwithstanding, I’m sure he’ll be a hit in Portland. Every city needs a great bike mechanic without an attitude. They might need that even more in Portland than we do here ;)

      (and despite our sadness, we do honestly wish him all the best).

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