Carfree roundup July 7

For you, a little news

  • In the depressing news departments, we’re all cutting transit funding and apparently a recent survey says that Americans want it that way — we’d much rather cut transit than highway spending.
  • But from the better news department, Portland, Oregon, is rapidly becoming the city we love to hate around my house. That Pedalpalooza really pushed me over the edge — how fun can one city be? Well it turns out it isn’t magic — real people made Portland the bike-friendly city that it is. Mia Berk is one of those people and she’s out with a book about biking and activism.
  • In South London, parents get in trouble for letting their kids (5 and 8 ) bike alone to school, a mile away. I wonder lots of things, like what the route is like, how the kids are at street biking, and how safe the neighborhood is. I’m not sure I’d let a 5 and 8 year old bike a mile alone in my neighborhood, but then I don’t have a 5 and 8 year old, so I’m not sure that I wouldn’t either. But, surely, even if the school’s headmaster disagreed with their choice, there is a better way to handle it than threatening them with child services.

Thoughts from the Carfree, Biking, and Transit Crowd

Simple/Cheap Living

Cambridge and Boston Area

  • Mass Bike is having a century ride on August 14, plus shorter length rides including family rides of 10 and 20 miles.
  • City Smart is having a North Cambridge ride on the 11th at Noon (starts and end at Russell Field, RSVP and of course our own Kidical Mass happens on the 18th at 10am.

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Angela is an associate professor of mathematics and enjoys writing, reading, and talking to people about her bike. She's the proud mother of two cute kids, H and R.
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3 Responses to Carfree roundup July 7

  1. Alexa says:

    Don’t hate Portland, come visit us!

  2. Lynn Fang says:

    Thanks for the link love!

  3. Pete K says:

    i think it’s crazy how over protected children are. these days. i remember days of when kids ruled the neighbourhood. now it’s rare for me to see one or two children playing in the street; let alone large groups playing street hockey or basketball.

    i started riding my bike to school when i was seven years old. at that time the community i lived in was on the outskirts of the city and was still in it’s infant stages, but there was only ever one road, Dallas Drive, that everyone drove on; there was really no other choice, every cul-de-sac and street branched off of this arterial road, so it was fairly busy. but there was never any question of me riding my bike to school. and when my sister was old enough, and at a younger age even, she started riding with me. nothing bad ever came of it, and if anything i think this period helped to instill a love of cycling in me. the freedom, the independence, the responsibility… like i said, i feel that we’ve become far too over protective of our children, especially here in north america. and here is the finest example of that:

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