Kidical Mass North Cambridge

We’re leading a Kidical Mass ride in North Cambridge this summer! The will be on July 18th at 10am, starting and ending in Rev. Williams park (corner of Cedar and Dudley). This will be a 3-mile ride on roads and bikepaths for parents and kids. Take a look at the route. The ride will start with some safety education, followed by the ride (no one left behind!), and ending with snacks, conversation, playing in the water at the Rev. Williams park. Please come with kids on bikes, on Xtracycles, in bakfiets, in trailers, or on trail-a-bikes [ETA: Or bike mounted seats of course!]. Don’t be afraid to decorate your bikes!

Helmets are Mandatory on this ride!

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Angela is an associate professor of mathematics and enjoys writing, reading, and talking to people about her bike. She's the proud mother of two cute kids, H and R.
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6 Responses to Kidical Mass North Cambridge

  1. Fabulous idea! If our soon-to-be-born babe permits, our 7yo would love to participate, I'm sure! He's all about the people-powered transport. (He'd come with a parent, of course)

  2. Casey says:

    If we can figure out a way to get there, we will definitely join! Sounds awesome!

  3. Michael says:

    If I can make it across the river from JP with my daughter, I will most certainly be there. Thanks for organizing!

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  5. you forgot to mention “or on bike-mounted seats” :-)

    nice idea, we’ll try to make it!

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