Four Helmet Family

After what feels like centuries, baby R is finally on the bicycle.  Here in MA, the legal requirement is that babies be one year before riding on a bike, and while we love seeing all you fabulous folks out there biking with babies, we have plenty of transit and foot transport options, so we went with the legal guideline.  In anticipation of R’s first birthday, I diligently got our bobike seat hooked up to make a “one-kid” rig, and set to work making our two-kid xtracycle seat suitable for a young toddler.  R wasn’t so sure about his helmet, but in the end, he loved all 5 minutes of his birthday ride.  See?  He really is a V-C.

Now that he’s on a bike, our two-kid xtracycle seat is finally coming into it’s own.  With some new straps added to the rear seat, a bit of cushioning (he was protesting the potholes), and some well-placed toys, we can now ride with two at once!

It has been nearly five years since our entire family could bike together.  Angela got pregnant in Sept 2005 and since she could easily commute by foot, skipped biking while pregnant.  Then we had a H, and by the time we got our act together on gear, H was two. There was a very brief shining moment in which all three of us could ride, but then we were expecting kid #2.  Then we had to get through year one with R.  But now, finally, here we are, A four helmet family.

I can taste the freedom.


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Nathan lives in North Cambridge, MA with his wife and two kids, and prefers never to be in cars if he can avoid it. Nathan thinks parenting is way more fun when you don't have to worry about car seats.
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7 Responses to Four Helmet Family

  1. Julian says:

    Nice toy leashes! It felt like such a bikey rite of passage when little Luc first rode in the Bobike up there in front of me. Have a lovely 4-helmet summer! And happy Kidical Mass …

  2. sara says:

    Congratulations to all. It is wonderful to see both your cool seats occupied. Have tons o’ fun!

  3. Kat Dutton says:

    Eee! Such a great post, and such a charming picture (even if it does make me miss Cambridge something fierce). You guys are a great family!


  4. sara says:

    Dorea– In response to your question about our cupholder ring for our bike, we got one at here:
    However, I have to warn you that while the ring is great, the cup it comes with totally sucks. It doesn’t have a secure lid so it makes riding with that cup ridiculous. I wish they just sold the ring because the package is quite expensive, esp. since one part is useless….

    The other question about kids’ artwork. AHHHHH. While I love seeing their creations, with three boys who love to paint & draw, we find the artwork coming home simply oppressive. Have we solved this dilemma? Not really. Sometimes artwork gets hung, sometimes it disappears in the night. However, I did hear of one wonderful idea where a family picks out a few favorite pieces then brings the rest to a local nursing home/retirement community to decorate residents’ rooms. Of course, have we pulled this off….. Another idea is to take all the paintings, drawings to turn into bookmarks, greeting cards, wrapping paper, etc.

  5. Bus Chick says:

    This makes me happy.

  6. Anne Gray says:

    Any advice on how to choose a helmet for a baby/toddler? We have a 14-month-old we’re shopping for.

  7. Dorea says:

    Anne– We found this review of helmets at totcycle really helpful.

    On the basis of that review, we got the lazer helmet and were much happier with it than we had been with the Giro for our older daughter. Now both kids are in Bern’s, but those are much too big for most toddlers.

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