Carfree Roundup

About Angela

Angela is an associate professor of mathematics and enjoys writing, reading, and talking to people about her bike. She's the proud mother of two cute kids, H and R.
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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! As I'm sure you know, living carfree has left me with unlimited entertaining stories to tell! :) Besides the anecdotes, I have learned so much about my community, how to clean the air, and a little about myself in the process. I'll admit, sometimes it's a challenge living carfree.. but having people and bloggers giving me a 'high five' and knowing that I'm making a difference makes the commute worthwhile. Thanks again!

  2. Hey, I rode past your bike in Porter yesterday morning – was so excited to spot it! The double seats on the back look great, and I love the license plate.

    Anyway, a nice bit of blog/real-world intersection.

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