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Advice for the carfree plunge, Part 1: Gear

We got a comment last week from Lauren asking for advice in taking the step from car-light family to car-free family. She writes: “My family (two grown-ups one 3.5 year old) have been day dreaming about being car free for … Continue reading

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Blogging for dollars

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the controversy over “mommy bloggers” accepting payment or goods from companies.* If the coverage hasn’t gotten to you, try the Newsweek piece, or the NPR piece. Off and on, I’ve wondered if … Continue reading

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The Ride Home

There are wonderful things about raising a kid who rides public transit. I love that H. is out in the world, interacting with all kinds of people, all the time, and not just with the people we decide and arrange … Continue reading

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Carfree Roundup

Wandering Gypsies « Roanokecarfreewithkids. Chris describes a great camping trip by bike. A New Hopedale. Marmaduke responds in part to our recent post about suburban friends and the carfree family from the other side of the divide. » Carfree … Continue reading

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