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Suburban Friends and the Carfree Family

We got a really great question on the When you really need a car post. BusChick writes (somewhat edited here): “The biggest driver (pun intended) of car use for us is visiting friends. My family lives in the city, and … Continue reading

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When you really need a car

Purists out there will cringe, but I find that sometimes I really need a car. It happens less and less as time goes on because our lives are increasingly integrated with the community within a mile of our home, but … Continue reading

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Cloth Diapers, Take Two

Sometimes really great things happen in the world of babies between your first and second kid. In our case, two wonderful things happened in the world of cloth diapers. 1) One-size pocket diapers were invented. We received several BumGenius 3.0 … Continue reading

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Carfree Roundup

Here are some posts and findings from around the web that we really enjoyed this week. Imagine No Cars: Thoughts on Alternative Transportation and Urban Design: Why I Went Carfree. Imagine No Cars tells is why he chose to ditch … Continue reading

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Carfree on the Internet

This week I’ve been noticing just how much stuff comes with kids. We picked up a lot from friends used, but I still feel like the stream of stuff pouring into our house is wide and deep. We have gifts … Continue reading

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