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Making Choices: Frugality, the Environment, or Social Justice

I stumbled into the carfree lifestyle because I’m a cheapskate. I’m allergic to spending money, and cars drink up a lot of money. I get to feel overly proud of not owning a car because I’m being environmentally responsible. Living … Continue reading

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Toddler commentary on Red Line delays

At the ripe old age of 2 1/2, H’s T-riding prowess continues to increase. She now regularly walks to our station (Alewife) in a relatively timely fashion, and rides sitting in her own seat. Yesterday, she and I needed to … Continue reading

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Winter with a Toddler and No Car

Being a carfree parent in the wintertime makes me want a minivan and easy access to a McDonalds PlayPlace. In the summertime, we can walk to several parks and to the pool, or just enjoy playing at the end of … Continue reading

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Taking the bus against medical advice

Yesterday, I went along with Angela for her first ever endoscopy, but this post isn’t about digestive troubles (as exciting as such things may be–and yes, everything is fine). Angela was specifically instructed that she would not be permitted to … Continue reading

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Walking in the Winter with our Toddler

We have made a lot of progress on walking with H since we posted about it five months ago. H has gotten older and is more physically skilled and she’s gotten a lot of practice at walking. Some credit for … Continue reading

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Finding the Perfect School

Recently, Nathan and I have been worrying about school. We live a little more than a quarter-mile from the Peabody school and plan to send H there in a few years when she starts kindergarten (yes, I know — we … Continue reading

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