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Thanks to our friends with cars.

Things have been a bit rough around our digs these last few weeks. I’m operating at maybe 1/2 capacity due to some serious and stubborn morning sickness. We’ve all been knocked down by a vicious case of viral bronchitis that … Continue reading

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Being frugal

Part of the reason that Nathan and I decided to become permanently car free is that we are cheapskates. I’ve always been a tightwad, but I wasn’t always good at budgeting and controlling impulse purchases. Nathan was always good at … Continue reading

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Earning our plural.

Savvy readers may have been wondering about a few things. Why is the title of our blog plural when we only have one kid? Why did we make a sappy post about walking H home from the hospital when that … Continue reading

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Self-reliant Living

My mother recently gave us a stack of Mother Earth News from this past year and it has been having funny effects on me. On the one hand, I am lusting after the whole back-to-the-earth lifestyle found in the pages … Continue reading

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My friends are your friends and your friends are my….

I’ve recently started noticing a place where our lifestyle doesn’t completely mesh with the rest of the world, and it leads to some social awkwardness. This problem tends to show up when we meet new folks, who seem like they … Continue reading

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