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Hospitals, Birth & Carseats

Angela and I were just remembering coming home from H’s birth, over two years ago. We were at a hospital about four blocks from our house. They wouldn’t let us leave with the baby unless we put her into one … Continue reading

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Friendship, Cars, and Carfree Families

Josh Hart has done research in the UK on the impact of traffic on community life. His research shows that on streets with heavy traffic, residents have dramatically fewer friends in their neighborhood and their sense of what neighborhood space … Continue reading

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Last Year’s Carfree Camping Trip

Our friend, the swadfather, suggested that we do more blogging about car free trips. That’s when we realized that, aside from Nathan’s Woods Hole trip, we really haven’t done many. That’s mostly because we’re homebodies. After all, if we went … Continue reading

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Some Links for You Carfree Activists Out There

I just watched this great film about activists taking over parking spaces in San Francisco and temporarily turning them into small parks, pedestrian walkways, and other spaces for humans to enjoy. On a larger scale, check out this film about … Continue reading

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Unforseen perks, and a small logistical problem

Last night a close friend of ours was celebrating his birthday. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, except for that this group of friends contains several families with very young kids, and the birthday boy really wanted … Continue reading

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Biking to spy pond

Our neighbors (the same ones who kindly share their bike trailer for grocery shopping, and who are serious about their family biking…their 4 year old is pretty solid on a 2-wheeler which I find rather impressive) were slightly horrified that … Continue reading

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Costs of Car Ownership, Part II

In addition to the costs in time and money, there are other, less quantifiable costs of car ownership. These may be personal costs or costs to society at large. Mental and Emotional Costs The car is one more thing you … Continue reading

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