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Costs of car ownership, part I

Those of us who go carfree or car-light often do so because of the high costs of car ownership. So I thought it would be a good idea to spend a some time detailing those costs, which look to me … Continue reading

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Dispatch from Woods Hole

A couple folks have requested an update from Woods Hole. I’m learning a lot, there are a lot of great folks, the scenery is lovely, the entire town is about about 3 blocks square (much of that is the Marine … Continue reading

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Some finds on the web

Today I wasted a little time on the internet (OK, you can change “today” to “everyday”) and I found a few interesting websites I hadn’t seen before, so I thought I’d share: There’s a great page on carfree cities from … Continue reading

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Just because you are carfree doesn’t mean that you never have to interact with a car, and somehow everytime I use a car it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This weekend, my mother, H. and I rented a … Continue reading

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But is it safe?

The most common question I get about biking with my daughter is whether or not it is safe. I’ve also noticed that on any thread on any forum or list that addresses biking with kids, someone says some version of … Continue reading

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XtraCycle Specs

To follow up Angela’s introduction to our new cargo & kid bike, here are some details and thoughts for others who might like to try this set up. I got advice from local xtracycle riders (including Cambridge City Counsilor Craig … Continue reading

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I love the library!

To me the library is just about the greatest place on earth. It’s like going to a Barnes and Noble where everything is free (but unfortunately there’s no Starbucks). I love it even more now that I’m a parent. Here’s … Continue reading

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Introducing our new Xtracycle!

While NathanĀ is in Woods Hole, H. and I are up in Boston, holding down the fort, and getting a lot of time together to use our new Xtracycle. FYI, all of the credit for researching and acquiring the Xtracycle goes … Continue reading

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Car-free road trip

For much of August, I am staying about 70 miles south of Boston at a summer intensive at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory. Before I came down, I spent a lot of time worrying about how Angela and H. … Continue reading

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Our toddler is increasingly uninterested in riding in her stroller. She wants to walk! Of course, the problem is that walking with a toddler isn’t always, um, productive. And then there’s the problem of walkability and safety. Walkability and Safety … Continue reading

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